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How To Find The Right Deep Linking Solution

Combining both MLP and MMP solutions in one platform makes it easy to create, manage, and track deep links, while also providing reliable attribution for all your marketing campaigns — paid, owned, and earned. 

Deep Linking Benefits And Best Practices

Deep links are simply the best way to build a quality, connected user experience that will bring in new customers and keep the ones you have engaged and happy. Learn more about deep links, how they work, and how to find the best solution for your deep linking.

Mobile Ad Fraud Impacts and What To Do About It

Ad fraud is continuously evolving. As marketers get more sophisticated, so do the fraudsters. Part of battling fraud is monitoring metrics so you can ask the right questions and find inconsistencies. Of course, identifying real versus fake clicks and being able to detect downstream fraudulent activity — and doing all this in real time — is not easy. But this is something Branch takes very seriously.

Advice on Mobile Growth From 12 Top Execs

When it comes to mobile growth, there are no better lessons than those shared directly from people who have gone through it and seen success for themselves. We compiled some of the best advice from the How I Grew This podcast, hosted by our very own CMO and Co-founder, Mada Seghete.

How to Use Mobile SEO to Convert Users

SEO has drastically changed in the past decade from technical algorithm hacks to quality, intent-driven content and engagement. To really get the most from SEO, you must focus on creating content and designing pages that match user intent. If you can convert those users into app users, your return on investment is even higher because app users tend to be more loyal and buy more often.