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Mobile drives value for you and your customers

Food and beverage brands can’t afford to ignore mobile. Apps save money and drive significant value for both your business and your customers.

Enhance customer experiences

Boost engagement rates with on-the-go ordering, scheduled deliveries, real-time tracking, and personalized interactions.

Drive revenue growth and operational efficiencies

Unlock new revenue streams and streamline operations by expanding ordering channels, cutting costs, and optimizing inventory and pricing in real time.

Retain valuable customers with loyalty programs

Strengthen relationships with loyalty programs offering point tracking, persistent login, and easy reward redemption.

Learn cost-effective ways to grow your app in the Food and Beverage Mobile Growth Playbook

Explore ways that food and beverage, QSR, and food delivery brands can grow their mobile presence and tap into apps for acquisition, retention, and increased conversions. With first-hand advice, industry data, and quick tips, we take the guesswork out of mobile growth.

Download the playbook to learn:

  • The current state of food and beverage backed by industry survey data
  • The role of mobile in the food and beverage industry
  • How to acquire app users cost effectively
  • How to drive in-app engagement
  • How to increase conversions

Learn how Kentucky Fried Chicken's QR code campaign increased app installs by 85%

Discover how Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the leading global fried chicken restaurant brand, used mobile-optimized QR codes to increase awareness for its new delivery service.


uplift in installs


QR code scans in first three days


Learn how Instacart achieved app growth with Branch

Discover how Instacart achieved massive success with deep linking and accurate mobile attribution data, creating personalized mobile experiences that turned prospects into loyal customers.

Learn how to:

  • Gain better visibility into marketing campaign performance
  • Create tailored, personalized mobile experiences
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention


“Our partnership with Branch has been a game-changer for Jersey Mike’s. With their insights, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of our customer journey, attributing revenue to specific channels like push and text messages. Branch has not only improved our overall customer experience but also helped us connect the dots between downloads, sales, and our digital marketing efforts, paving the way for a more successful and streamlined strategy.”

Kelly McGee, Director of Digital Marketing
Jersey Mike's

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Digital transformation and industry insights

From Carts to Conversions: How Instacart Delivered Growth With Branch

Learn how Instacart achieved mobile app success through its implementation of deep linking and attribution.

VP of Customer Experience at Resy: Eddie Christian – The 100% Commitment Approach to Building a Thriving Customer Success Career

Eddie Christian discusses top-class insights and strategies for winning and becoming a thriving customer success leader.

App Best Practices for the Modern QSR

Learn how to drive low-cost app adoption from every owned platform, advanced mobile user cases proven to grow QSR sales, and more.

VP of Growth at Blue Apron: Kar Paramasivam – Leading Growth in the Meal Subscription Business

Kar shares successful campaigns and approaches his team adopted to leverage Blue Apron’s app and increase user retention and engagement.

Growth with Braze Webinar With Tim Hortons

Tune into this co-hosted webinar with Braze to discover how Tim Hortons applied personalization strategies to boost its conversion rates.

Fuel Digital Transformation Through Mobile App Growth

With 70% of “digital time” happening on mobile devices and 92% of that time spent in mobile apps, it’s clear that mobile will continue to be a focal point of brands’ digital transformation journeys.

VP, Digital & Loyalty @ Tim Hortons: Matthew Moore – Building Brand Loyalty Through Mobile

Under Matts leadership, Tim Horton’s shifted focus to mobile through various strategies, including mobile orders, loyalty programs and more.

A Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Growth Maturity

By reading this guide and completing the accompanying assessment, marketers can gain valuable insights into the current state of their mobile growth strategy and chart their course toward profitable growth.

How Licious’s Strategic Partnership With Branch Enabled Them To Further Disrupt The Indian Animal Protein Industry

Learn how D2C fresh meat and seafood brand Licious leveraged mobile martech solutions to revolutionize meat and seafood delivery in India.

SVP, Digital & Growth @ sweetgreen: Daniel Shlossman – The Incredible Velocity of Customer-Oriented Growth

Daniel Shlossman, leader of marketing, product, and digital channels at sweetgreen, joins us to discuss enabling customer growth.

CEO @ Yummly: Brian Witlin – Retaining Customers, Personal Growth & Pokemon Go

Brian discusses the importance of lifecycle messaging & how Yummly shifted from an acquisition to a retention-oriented growth strategy.

Former Global CMO @ Potbelly: Brandon Rhoten- Speaking in the Voice of Your Customer

Brandon shares exactly how approached evolving the marketing strategies at Wendy’s, Papa Johns and not Potbelly.

VP Digital @ El Pollo Loco: How A Childhood Hustle Evolved into A Winning Mentality in Digital

Andy Rebhun dives into how he took the McDonald’s app from 0 to 5M users and how he navigated COVID to triple digital sales at El Pollo Loco.

Case studies

The Chefz Eliminates Attribution Blindspots To Grow App Revenue by 650%

By integrating the Branch platform, The Chefz achieved a 718% ROI on digital marketing programs and 818% ROAS.

Jersey Mike’s Increases Monthly Active Users by 27% YoY With Branch

Learn how Jersey Mike’s boosted user acquisition, increased monthly active users, and enhanced the customer experience with Branch’s mobile linking platform.

How Shake Shack Leveraged Branch Mobile Linking To Accelerate Growth

By integrating the Branch platform, Shake Shack optimized its performance marketing efforts, guiding high-intent mobile web users to their app.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: How QR Codes and a Pub Drove an 85% Lift in App Installs

Learn how KFC’s viral pub campaign and mobile-optimized QR codes generated awareness and press coverage for its new delivery service.

Domino’s Indonesia Drove 29% New User Growth at Half the Cost Using Branch

Learn how the American multinational pizza restaurant chain established the Domino’s Indonesia app as the go-to for customers using Branch.

Peet’s Supercharged Loyalty and Order Ahead Adoption With Branch

Discover how Peet’s achieved higher loyalty adoption, order values, and attributed purchases with a new ability to understand and optimize its campaigns.

Rappi Goes Viral by Using Influencers and Referrals Campaigns with Branch Deep Linking as the Key Growth Strategy

With Branch, Rappi scaled its influencer and referral campaigns, lowering user acquisition costs compared to paid ads.

How This QSR Drove App Growth and Revenue From a Previously Untapped Channel

In the first two months, this QSR saw a 20% increase in overall app installs and a 2.6x increase of monthly attributed purchases.

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